Initiating Intuition

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.    – Albert Einstein

The more rapid-fire change we face, the more essential it is to get smarter about the way we are smart . . .

In Western culture, we place the most emphasis on logic to inform our circumstances and process our choices. But as we collectively face the never-ending cycles of news, constant material innovations, and technological access to voyeuristic displays of other peoples’ lives, it’s increasingly difficult to silence the external barrage and affectively ascertain how best to proceed in our own best interest. And we’re pressured to make decisions on the fly all the time now.

If we rely on logic alone, we will be forced to compartmentalize our reality into digestible bites in order to grapple with everything that challenges us. This depletes our energy, consumes our valuable time, and most importantly cuts us off from the essence of our true Self: the source of our fullest expression. Only utilizing logic, severs us from the heart center and the treasure trove of our intuition.

Are we really making the most logical choices if we do so in a harried haze?

While logic has served humanity in its growth trajectory, it’s no longer the most viable source for smart decision making, given that life isn’t going to slow down. The future is more fluid, and so too must we become equally adaptable. This time in human history is initiating us into more adept ways of utilizing all of our intelligence.

The rational mind is the source of intellect: our ability to reason and all the accumulated knowledge from our education, in the many forms it takes. This knowledge resides inside our brain. Intuition is part of our soul’s intelligence, which resides both within our bodies and without, in the spiritual collective. While intuition certainly has access to our intellect, it also, and most importantly, draws from our inner wisdom.

Intuition is a time saver and more aligned with our Essence when decision making . . .

Intuition functions in a completely personalized way, in that it’s solely invested in our personal potential and actualizing our soul’s mission. It doesn’t require shuffling through the depth and breadth of intellectual options in order to make decisions, it does so from the more intimately connected perspective of our higher selves, respecting our authenticity.

As we grapple with decisions that bombard our lives, our intuition points the way not only for us to make decisions quickly and accurately, but it respects that we’re now functioning in a new paradigm of rapid evolution. It will help us access and maintain our authenticity, even if external choices become overwhelming.


For those interested in taking a deeper dive into understanding and accessing their intuition, check out my two-part course on Intuition listed under “Courses” here on my site.