Meet your guide, Lisa!

Hello dear one, I’m honored you’ve found me…

I was born into South Africa’s apartheid regime, from which my family subsequently emigrated. Four countries before I was 9-years-old – new cultures, homes, friends, and schools. Shortly after arriving in the United States, my parents divorced. My father, who worked long hours and traveled extensively on business, took full custody of my younger brother and me. I became a surrogate mother by my tenth birthday, as my brother and I would bear witness to a revolving door of nannies.  

Inconsistency, instability, neglect, and emotional abuse became normal for me. A decade of disordered eating followed. I learned to navigate the upheaval of my childhood and my unmet emotional needs by denying them, focusing my attention on others, and becoming adaptable to a fault. The high price was deep, unacknowledged wounds. 

From the earliest time I can remember, I was called to live a deeply meaningful life.

What I didn’t realize during those formative years was the meaning I sought, could be derived from understanding the circumstances of my life and all the lessons and skills I would attain as a result. I worked at healing. I peeled back layers of wounding only to discover my wounds were harder to eradicate than I’d anticipated. But I persisted, and accumulated invaluable wisdom along the way.

Every time I made a shift for the better, my life improved exponentially, thus bolstering my courage. I began to understand that everything I suffered, was the narrative I concocted to survive, because I lacked the emotional maturity and tools to tackle such adversity so early. I learned I would be okay no matter what challenges I face. With the right tools, I began to consciously empower my evolutionary journey from a broken-hearted little girl into an actualized woman aligned with divine grace. 

Step into your alignment with me…


My mission, my privilege and honor, is to help you align with your purpose. It’s time to heal deeply, evolve consciously, act courageously, radiate authentically, and live exaltedly. I already know your heart, dear one...your soul has brought you here, now

My journey of awakening and unique qualifications are the culmination of a wealth of life experience, 35+ years of spiritual practice, degrees in fine arts, philosophy, and transformative learning, training as a teacher in Ashtanga and therapeutics yoga, and certification in hand analysis. All of these choices have served to illuminate answers to my most pressing existential questions, as well as expanding the boundaries of my consciousness.

By looking at, and working on, healing and self-actualization through the lens of many disciplines and wisdom traditions, I’ve found what was essential for my own healing and uncovered my unique gifts in service to others. I do what I am . . . I was born to be a healer and my hands confirm this.

What’s next is already written for you. Right in your hands…let me show you!