AWE is the essential component of Spiritual experience

A Change Agent Evocateur

I’m a Psychospiritual Counselor who specializes in integrating the shadow, unraveling the ego's control, and liberating consciousness. The intersection of therapeutic processing and spiritual practices, my work is the material realization of who I am as a systemized (science-based) and intuitive healer.

AWE is the essence of our spiritual nature

It’s not coaching. It’s not therapy. It’s transformation training!

Here’s what I know for certain: when we’re in flow, everything seems to effortlessly fall into place. This is a magical experience where time becomes irrelevant, distractions fall away, and we become fully immersed in the present moment. This is alignment with our soul’s purpose.

To get into your highest alignment, I’m here to heal generational trauma, eliminate unhealthy patterns and cycles, shift mindsets, and foster self-trust and inner wisdom.

Through the synthesis of multiple disciplines, systems, and wisdom traditions, I’ve created high-efficiency counseling that not only gets to the heart of where healing is needed, but simultaneously empowers your gifts.

A Unique Blueprint

The hand, whose shape and functioning are so intimately connected with the psyche, provides revealing and... interpretable expressions of... the human character.

– Carl Jung

I use hand analysis as my entry point, as our hands are a blueprint revealing both our soul and personality psychologies. Decades of research now supports the knowledge that there are more neurological connections between our hands and brains, than any other part of the body, and our hands form visually discernable responses to what’s occurring in the sensory cortex and nervous system.

This tool helps me get to the heart of your life school(s), soul purpose, and life lesson(s). It also reveals the shadows that need attending and the gifts that need empowering, so that I can guide you to your most empowered life!