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AWE is the essence of our spiritual nature

AWE is the essential component of Spiritual experience

A Change Agent Evocateur for Spiritual Awakening

I’m a Psychospiritual Counselor who specializes in unraveling the ego's control to help clients heal, eradicate negative body/mind habits, and liberate consciousness to actualize the higher Self. The intersection of therapeutic processing and spiritual practices, my work is the material realization of who I am as a systemized (science-based) and intuitive healer. It’s not coaching; it’s not therapy...
it’s transformation training!


I’ve been called a romantic and an idealist too many times to count.

Here’s what I know for certain: there have been many examples for us to know that what we aspire to in ourselves, isn’t unattainable. It just requires courage, commitment, and some skill. Jesus, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa…these are not the great exceptions; these are the great examples. Our birthright is the embodiment of our gifts.

Transparency is suddenly everywhere: we’re inundated with information. This unprecedented transparency has illuminated humanity’s shadow, or collective unconscious, as Carl Jung referred to the hidden side of our cultural thinking, forcing it to the surface of human consciousness. Transparency is not the problem; it’s how we confront the knowledge of human capabilities that shapes who and what we are and can become.

Honesty. Trust. Compassion. Connection. A future built on integrity, where people don’t make self-destructive choices because they value themselves and interbeing. They know their external reality, the collective, is an extension of who they are.

This is the world I want to live in. This is the world I’m helping to manifest. Look around, the world is an increasingly toxic place. Public servants whose foundational values slap in the face of honesty and decency; a self serving agenda so transparent that it’s become apparent to those of us paying attention that there has to be a better way…a better world that we’re more than capable of creating. Let’s co-create a beautiful world for everyone!

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I know! The risks are frightening ... but the alternative?

The alternative is more intolerance, hatred, division…everyone for themselves. Do the risks really look so bad now? And let’s be honest, what are we really risking by jumping into the unknown? What if the unknown doesn’t have to be based in fear, but rather opportunity? Opportunity that beyond the status quo way of living, we have the power to manifest a world that is beautiful for everyone: where everyone gets their needs met with reverence.


If we risk nothing, we risk even more, because living a diminished life isn’t living at all. Taking calculated risks always comes with the potential for perceived failure, but failure is one of our greatest teachers, as it shows us where growth is needed to accomplish our greatest success.


Fear is the biggest obstacle preventing greater access to our power. Limiting beliefs don’t need to be perceived as negative, but rather the opportunity for discernment where we can recognize the boundaries in ourselves that call for courage to break through.


Power is only relinquished through demand. It’s our birthright, but we give it away. If we choose to empower our fullest potential, the collective energy that’s moving towards interbeing will help carry along our efforts even when we fear our own ability to manifest what we want in life.

Find Your Opportunity

“Let yourself live the life you were born to live . . . .
Stand up, tall as trees, and wave farewell to the reasons to be afraid.
There is magic to be found, and you were built for the searching. Go.”
– Tyler Knott Gregson

Chaos or Interbeing?

I teach internal change that leads to interbeing.

Each and every one of us is a small, temporary reflection of an infinite, miraculous universe! Our lives, communities, and culture should be an ecstatic celebration of that myriad diversity. Consciously engaging our own evolution is the start of not only empowering our own lives, it’s the beginning of a movement for a healthier, more balanced world.

Chaos & Rapid Change

We live at an unprecedented time in history. The rate of change is accelerating exponentially and we’re overloaded with options that lead to dire consequences for our health and relationships. Finding and trusting our inner wisdom, feeling confident and capable while navigating chaos, and most especially alive and vital when we face dynamic existential crises, is extremely challenging even for the most emotionally and mentally adept among us.

A New World of Interbeing

The only change that can rebuild or replace the world that is eroding around us is an internal change. Only a mindset of interbeing – community and collaboration – will do now, because our systemic crises leave no one untouched. We’re capable of global transformations that will eradicate each and every systemic problem. Interbeing benefits everyone: it’s the miracle win-win. Love and meaning made manifest and tangible to penetrate everyone and everything.