Ego Dissolution Workshops

Triggered? Reactive? Feeling stuck... or worse, hopeless?

“If you measure the length of your ego, it will equal the distance between you and your freedom.”
– Yung Pueblo

Our ego is the source of our attachments and limiting beliefs; it is what’s blocking us from the actualization of our higher Self.

Allowing the ego precedence and control, pulls us out of our hearts and keeps us habituated to patterns and habits that don’t serve a peaceful, more fulfilling, and loving vision for our lives.

Expansion is our birthright. An extraordinary, magical life is within our power!

Unravel the ego’s control, take back your power, and next level your life…

I can show you how!

Take back your power:

Eliminate your triggers

Eradicate your reactivity

Integrate your shadow side

Liberate yourself from fear

Cultivate heightened self-awareness

Next level your life:

Reveal your innate wholeness

Actualize your inner wisdom

Empower your full potential

Foster inner peace

Blossom into self-love


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Practical tools to banish the ego’s control and liberate the Higher Self:

Learn how to access your unconscious through writing techniques

Implement these tools for long-term transformation

Five 90-minute group sessions

One 90-minute one-on-one session with Lisa

What to expect:

Transformation that lasts a lifetime and tools you can draw on whenever you need to create shifts.

We will work in groups of even-numbered participants with Lisa as the facilitator. We will partner up for outside and ongoing support.

All meetings will occur via Zoom. Days/times TBD with the group.
(This can also be undertaken as a weekend retreat. Contact me.)

Workshops are consistently ongoing, so sign up now to join the next group.

Gather your best friend, your sister or brother, your neighbor, your aunt, or your book club and let’s transform your life and theirs for the better, forever!

Find your inner tranquility

“May I be a human that can vouch for Lisa and her care…that you will walk away with an empowered Self. I did. And I continue to feel Self connection using the methods she’s taught me. She’s fire. No bullshit.”

— Jason G.


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Questions? Want to create a private group?

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