One on One Counseling

Can you advocate on your own behalf?

Let’s get real: truth (the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between)

…no hiding, no running, and no self-loathing. It’s a process to shift awareness, shed the false aspects of the persona, and heal wounds in order to attain a more evolved level of consciousness and actualized being. You don’t have to face it alone; I’ve done the work too…so let’s collaborate!

Together, we expand self-awareness and create a lifestyle developed to integrate the body, mind, and spirit for a conscious, spiritual life. I'm dedicated to guiding and supporting you to discover and trust your inner wisdom, so you can go deeper, foster more meaning and sustainability, and serve a larger, more fulfilling purpose. It's not traditional coaching to get you unstuck; we eradicate the root cause - the patterns - at the heart of the matter. It's not traditional therapy; I give you tools to move through your growth more efficiently. It's transformation training to manifest a life lived from the higher Self. Since I work virtually, we can work together no matter where in the world you call home!

Client Testimonials

"After suffering a thyroid storm that left me hospitalized, I had a stroke. In the subsequent months of recovery, I was placed with a number of different therapists to recover my health and well-being. As I progressed through my various therapies, it became clear that I also needed a mental health professional, as I was struggling with high levels of anxiety.

My husband, Tim suggested working with Lisa, who he knew from our neighborhood dog park. Lisa introduced breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and yoga poses, as well as sessions to specifically address the sources of my anxiety. She spent many months patiently working with me at our home and I was amazed at how quickly her methods worked!

Lisa is an amazing healer who combines a high intellectual capacity with an uncanny knack of assessing an individual’s needs and addressing them calmly but methodically to achieve success. She may have been the most helpful practitioner in my recovery and I know I wouldn’t have made it so well without her. She was an angel sent to help me!"

- Lori K.

"Lisa is an incredibly gifted teacher who serves others with great purpose and integrity. Before working with her, I didn’t understand the role of a guide or how much I needed one. For many years, I took a do-it-yourself approach and while I experienced growth, I would confront some insurmountable fear and take 10 steps back. I was stuck and knew I needed help to dig in and do the real work.

I also knew that I needed to be guided, supported, and held accountable by someone I could trust, someone who authentically embodied empowerment, and that is Lisa. When we began working together, I was stuck in a vicious cycle of victimhood unconsciously repeating the same self-defeating patterns. My confidence was broken, I no longer trusted or believed in myself, and I found it incredibly difficult to voice my truth. Lisa saw my potential and held a higher vision for me than I could hold myself.

She took me on a journey of unwinding mental constructs, recognizing unconscious behaviors, identifying their roots, and releasing self-destructive patterns. Her compassion, support, and faith in me were essential to my healing and her techniques yielded amazing results. Words fall short in describing how Lisa has transformed my life: I simply can’t imagine experiencing the type of growth and transformation I’ve had without her!"

- Violet M.

"Lisa is the perfect combination of the heart and the head. She’s kind, intuitive and generous with her gifts, while applying intellectual rigor and science to her work.

Before we started working together, I never imagined the shifts in my mindset and life she helped create as even being possible. She has expanded my vision of myself and my future. No words of gratitude will ever be sufficient for the peace I experience now!"

- Rebecca W.

"Anyone working with Lisa will experience the gift of a lifetime!"

- Anita R.

"Lisa has truly been a pinnacle in my life and in my spiritual journey. I started to transform myself and my world around me after my first conversation with her. You will never meet someone so inviting that you are in no fear of expressing everything about yourself. I always feel so comfortable and inspired with Lisa and

I can honestly say, I never would have thought I would have gotten to this place in my life if it wasn’t for her. Not only does she hold you accountable so you can be the driver of your change, but she is the strongest support system you will ever know. I am truly blessed to have Lisa in my life. Your life will change the moment you meet with her!"

- Tiffany S.


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