Energize AWE!
Meditation Trio

Alive Body ~ Awake Mind ~ Empowered Spirit

Facing the challenges of our day…

and thriving in the face of our challenges,

sometimes takes a little extra self-care and loving support!

Give yourself the gift of this precious care!

This three-series meditation bundle is specifically designed

to nurture what needs attention most!

Three short meditations to address

Body, Mind & Spirit!

Alive Body Meditation

Identifies and releases tensions in the body!

Creates an opportunity for you to mindfully rest

Leaves you feeling more relaxed and recharged

Awake Mind Meditation

Quiets the mind chatter!

Creates the mindfulness to live fully in the present

Leaves you with heightened mental acuity

Empowered Spirit Meditation

Relaxes the body and quiets the mind chatter!

Creates a direct, open channel to creation

Leaves you feeling receptive to more expansion in your life

These meditations are a resource for self-care and empowerment!

Use them together to maximize harmony.

Or do them one at a time, when you know exactly what needs your loving attention. 

I encourage using at least one daily!

Live your dreams!