The Intuition Course

Liberate Your Sacred Superpower

We experience life in a never-ending stream of stimuli: our bodies having constant sensory perceptions and our minds shuffling through mind chatter. We all know this overt stimulation can cause stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. But what so few of us realize, is that this stimulation can shut down our ability to access our intuition. And when our intuition has been blocked, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to act with authenticity and to trust and love ourselves.

Intuition is our sacred superpower, because it flows from the
most actualized version of our higher Self!

When we open access to our intuition, we tap into our inner wisdom! We liberate a wealth of power we didn’t even realize we had: the guidance that comes from the fullest expression of our true potential, so that we manifest the wholeness of our being and empower our lives.



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Part One

Understanding Intuition

What Is Intuition?

          A direct channel to your inner wisdom

A harmonized voice that springs from body, mind, and spirit

        Your unvarnished truth

       A most generous teacher

How do we experience intuition?

Your proactive rather than reactive voice

Heightened sense of self-awareness

Your call to integrity, maturity, and empowerment

Mindful presence to your life experience

Part Two

Accessing Intuition

How Do We Nurture Our Intuition?

You learn to quiet the positive and negative mind chatter

You learn to identify the ego and its self-sabotaging patterns

Transform limiting thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about yourself

Learn to trust and respect your answers

How Do We Liberate Our Sacred Superpower?

Create direct channels to your inner guidance

Encourage activities that will empower you internally

Open your receptivity to creativity

Command your divine essence

We can unblock our inner wisdom.  We can absolutely learn to trust ourselves and love who we are.  Intuition is the sacred superpower we’re all born with that serves only one purpose: actualizing our fullest potential!

Intuition Course



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