Energize AWE!

What If … You’re A Powerhouse of Potent Energy?!

Do you have all the energy you need
to power up the life of your dreams?

Are responsibilities overwhelming you?
Do you wake up feeling depleted?
Have you lost your creative joy?
Are you worried that it will never improve?

You have all the energy you need
to power up your life!


An AWE inspired life . . .

starts with energizing the full potential of an
Alive Body, an Awake Mind, and an Empowered Spirit!

To maximize our vitality . . .

we harmonize all our resources, because
when they work together, we are unstoppable!!!

Imagine an untapped reservoir of power!

Imagine waking up refreshed and energized!
Imagine that everything you do brings you joy!
Imagine feeling grateful for another day to shine!

Take Back Your Power and Amplify
Your Energy!


Energize AWE!

Gives You The Tools In Four Sessions

Abundant energy to create the life
of your dreams is your birthright!

If you can dream it, you are more than capable of creating it.
Getting out of your own way!
Stepping into the fullest expression of your energy!
Discover the energy within . . . in harmony with your life.
Let me show you how!

Session 1

Why Is Harmonizing
Body, Mind & Spirit So Important?

Join me as we Discuss

• How internal fragmentation drains your precious energy
• How compartmentalization fragments your internal life
• How your sense of obligation will deplete your energy

Discover the reciprocal nature of energy and joy!
Illuminate the primary ways that we cut off and diminish our energy,
and subsequently our joy, when we don’t bring mindful
presence to energy depletion and replenishment.

Session 2

How Does An Alive Body Feel?

Join me as we Experience

• Why banishing negativity is the beginning of your self-care
• What loving kindness and generosity do to your body
• How a vital body may give us access to our magnificence

We will reinforce the value of self-care: love, kindness, and generosity directed
towards your exquisite being to highlight the ways that healthy changes
can energize and support you.

Session 3

What Does An Awake Mind Reveal?

Join me as we Learn

• How eliminating mind chatter banishes the ego’s control
• How eradicating skepticism helps us entrain our heads and hearts
• How non-attachment invites joy into our lives

We will awaken the inner intelligence you already possess!
Intensify the value of mindful presence to sharpen your mind,
so you can undertake your life with the skill and excellence
that is the best reflection of your true capabilities.

Session 4

How Does An Empowered Spirit Shine?

Join me as we Discover

• How to animate your sacred inner wisdom
• How to your spark creativity and curiosity
• How to actualize your dreams

We will empower your spirit to live the life of your dreams!
Learn how you liberate the abundant joy and wisdom
that will support, surround, inspire, imbue, and define
everything that you do with your life.


What You Will Receive!

4 Audio Sessions

Delivered Each Week to Your Mailbox
Download for Listening and Study

4 Session Workbooks

PDF’s Delivered Each Week to Your Mailbox
Download for Self Nurture & Journaling

Energize AWE!

What You Will Take Away!

Knowledge to create sustainable energy and joy!
Excitement initiating healthy changes!
The acceptance to love everything you do!

Having all the energy we need not only to meet
the demands of our life, but to manifest our dreams,
starts with harmonizing an alive body, an
awake mind, and an empowered spirit!

When all our resources work together,
we actualize the fullest expression of who we are
— and that generates joy!

Joy Is A Force of Abundance That
Materializes Boundless Energy!!!

An AWE inspired life elevates your health, abundance, and love….

Live your dreams!

Let me show you how!

Course Price: $197